Pressure and booster systems designed for all applications, ranging from small domestic units to large industrial units.

Who needs a pressure boosting system?

The range of applications for pressure boosting systems is infinite. I have found that most applications for these systems have been for domestic needs.

The problem has usually arisen from insufficient municipal supply pressure,this coupled with tiny pipe diameters and extended pipe lengths and a higher simultaneous water usage.

The Problem

For example, Mr. Smith already has poor water pressure and now he wants to do some extension, including a bath room or two.What happens is that the plumbing is completed with probably 15mm polycop pipe which has an internal diameter of about 10mm, compared to that of 15mm copper pipe, internal diameter of about 13mm.Now Mr.Smith still expects there to be enough pressure at the new bath room which is at the back of the property.The problem also arises when two or more showers etc. are being used simultaneously. There is only so much pressure and volume available and by the time that the water gets to the new bath room there is only a dribble coming out of the shower.

The solution

The first thing that would make a difference will be to use a larger bore pipe, 22mm polycop, as the velocity of the water in the pipe will be less, resulting in less friction along the pipeline and therefore more pressure available at the shower.

The second approach will be to install an automatic pressure boosting system. With this approach, one will divert the incoming water supply into a 500L holding tank.This tank will be kept topped up by an automatic hydraulically controlled valve.

The booster pump will be specified according to the water requirements of the house hold.This pump will be connected to the tank and will be controlled by a pressure/flow controller with built in dry-run protection.So as the controller senses that a tap has been opened, the pump will start and vice-versa when the tap is closed.

As mentioned above, each installation will be specified according to the individual needs of that client.

The image above is of a standard wellpoint/domestic pressure boosting system complete with pressure and dry run protection controller.

The image above is of a domestic pressure boosting system complete with pressure vessel.