Rover Pumps produce 12 and 24DC pumps for the pumping of fluids where 220/400 VAC power is not available.

One of the applications for these pumps is the filling of diesel tanks at remotely placed backup generators. The pump will be connected to battery pack or the transport vehicles battery which is loaded with 210L diesel drums.

Tellarini ECC Jet

The Tellarini ECC Jet is a Direct Current Stainless Steel bodied pump with Noryl impeller and diffuser used mainly for the transfer and pressurization of clean drinkable water for domestic applications where no AC power supply is available.

  • The pump requires 12 or 24 Volts DC
  • It is a constant duty pump with IP 23 protection
  • Self priming from 8 meters
  • Maximum liquid temp 60°C
  • Maximum operating pressure 6 Bar.