Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Solar Geyser

With the focus on supplying quality products, Project pumps uses only Solartherm geysers for all installations. These geysers come with a 10 year guarantee for peace of mind.

All solartherm geysers have a PEX lining. This is basically a plastic lining on the inside of the boiler vessel.

This lining has the following advantages:

-- The PEX lining is extremely flexible and expands/contracts better than conventional boilers when experiencing the higher        temperatures associated with solar installations.

-- The PEX lining (polyethyline) makes the geyser suitable for all water types.

-- It prevents the necessity of a sacrificial anode.

-- It prevents lime scale from building up on the inner walls of the boiler. The scale can simply be flushed to waste from time      to time through the drain cock.


The Geyser comes with a standard 2 kW element.