Wednesday, July 08, 2020


Project Pumps is an approved distributor for Geyserwise. Contact us today for more information on Geyserwise products.

Geyserwise Energy Product

Features of the Geyserwise product:
• Clear display of water temperature, time, day, heating mode and malfunction conditions.
• Auto or manual heating.
• Easy temperature setting to your requirements (30° C - 65° C) Factory default is 55° C.
• Four different temperature settings.
• Daily programmable timer with four time settings.
• Battery back up in event of power failure.
• Multiple protection functions: Dry heat, heat failure, earth leakage, probe failure and water leak.
• Error conditions alert by warning code E1 to E9.
• Differential control for Pump Solar System.
• Anode depletion indicator.
• Home alarm interface.