Wednesday, July 08, 2020

System automation

All systems designed by us are automated to allow for more precise control and performance of the system as a whole

Variable Speed Drives

Inverter VSD

Currently only the FCP 109 is available


  • FCP109: Single-phase Inverter for Single-phase motor-pump, max. 1100W (1.5 Hp) for a maximum current of 9A.
  • FCP111: Single-phase Inverter for Single-phase motor-pump, max. 1500W (2 Hp) for a maximum current of 11A.
  • FCP307: Single-phase Inverter for Three-phase motor-pump, max. 1500W (2 Hp) for a maximum current of 7A.


This Inverter is designed specifically for electric pumps operation, all types independent of the flow

or the pressure, with feedback control of pressure (detected with a pressure transducer), with

substantial energy savings (up to 40% compared to the standard on-off system) combined with

various security features for the pump that are not possible in common appliances using pressure or

flow switches.

GSM Commander Telemitary controller

GSM comm

What is the GSM Commander?

The GSM Commander is a GSM Logic Controller that is designed to monitor and manage any unattended or remote site from a cell phone or computer.

The unit provides 2-way communication via SMS, GPRS and voice call.

The applications for the unit are virtually limitless, and is used extensively in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Commerce and Industry
  • Residential
  • Security
  • Access control
The Brother of the GSM Commander is the PLC Commander, This unit has all the functions of the GSM but just without the telemetry communication capabilities.