Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Rainwater Filtration

Super-head rainwater filter


Superhead Unit Unit installed

Superhead rain water filter

The Superhead rainwater filter is designed to automatically flush  the first dirty water that comes off the roof  when it rains and then diverts only clean water into your rainwater tank.

The Superhead rainwater filter can either be mounted directly to some water tanks or on the wall and  is suitable for both side and top inlet tanks.

The adjustable drainage plug which is attached to the bottom of the flush pipe is designed to slowly drain the dirty/polluted flush water.  This means that in the event of frequent rain, the system does not need to do a full flush every time, maximizing the amount of water that you collect in your tanks while ensuring that the water entering the tanks is clean.

How does it work?

1. When it first rains, dirty water is washed off your roof and gutters and flows into the top of the Superhead.

2. All large debris including leaves, will not be able to get into the unit and simply fall of the screen.

3. This dirty water flows into the unit and is automatically diverted through the one-way filter into the flush pipe (Standard 110mm pipe) which is connected to the bottom of the Superhead unit.

4. As soon as the flush pipe is full, the clean water is diverted into the water tank.

5. This water passes though an insect screen, stopping any insects or floating debris from getting into the water tank. This screen is automatically cleaned every time rain enters the Superhead.

6. The dirty water will slowly empty through the adjustable drain at the base of the flush pipe.


The 80mm Rainwater diverter for circular downpipe (with filter):

This product has multiple uses.

It  is attached to the downpipe and diverts the rainwater to either your tank, or to top up the swimming pool or water the garden.  Very good product for anyone who wants to top up their swimming pool with rainwater (but does not have tanks)  and would like to save on the expense of using municipal water.

The diverter is very easy to install and will divert the rainwater directly into their pool, just by attaching a pool pipe to the diverter outlet.  When their pool is full, they could choose to then divert the water to the garden, or a water tank  (if they have one).  The diverter has a start/stop function  and you can adjusted it to change the water flow rate.   If your pool, tanks or garden do not require any more water, then you can very simply shut the diverter off, in which case the water would then run down the drain as usual.  It also has a small built in filter, to stop any large debris from your roof getting into your tank or the pool.

Very easy to install.  A really great product to save on municipal water.

outer inner
Outer Inner

Gutter protection mesh

This mesh will stop any leaves from getting into gutters.  Very easy to install and very economical. It is made out of a soft, quality Polypropylene UV protected mesh and so will never rust.  It also fits any type of gutter.  It can be installed very easily by the homeowner, all they would need is a ladder and a pair of scissors.  It comes in 6m lengths.