Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Entshona Food Garden

Entshona food garden is situated in Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa.This project is aimed at supplying the beneficiaries, those who work the land,with an income.
Project Pumps was approached by the Department of Agriculture to assist in the development of the site into a well functioning production garden.
 Entshona food garden -Khayelitsha
Due to the lack of sufficient water for the irrigation of crops, it was decided to sink a wellpoint to supply the required water for irrigation of crops.
Irrigation from borehole water
Once the wellpoint was drilled a surface mount wellpoint pump and automatic hydraulic control system were installed at the site to fill the tank. 
Borehole holding tank and pump installations
The next step was to install the irrigation system.This system is supplied by an automated pressure boosting pump which supplies the irrigation system.
It was decided that the irrigation system needed for this installation would have to be rugged, durable and portable. It was decided that the dragline method of irrigation would be best suited for the installation. 
As security of equipment was an issue for this site, the pumps would be placed inside lockable safety cages and the dragline irrigation system can be locked away in the container at night.