Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Specialised Application Pumps

Specialised Application Pumps

Rover Pumps download_folder

Rover pumps have been designed to convey filtered fluids for the farming, wine-growing,marine and gardening sectors.These pumps are also used for the pumping of diesel and are available in various voltages,namely 12V,24V,230V,380V

Rover Pump

Walrus Hot Water Pressure Pump download_folder

This Walrus pump is specially designed to pressurise hot water for domestic applications. The pump features pressure control and dry run protection.

hot water pump

Tellarini Pumps download_folder

Tellarini pumps are designed for the pumping of corrosive liquids (chemicals,fertilizers,sea water) as well as food fluids (milk,wine,oil,fruit juices) These pumps are available with close coupled motors or in bare shaft pumps

Tellarini Pump ECC JET

Circulation Pumps


In line Hot water circulation pumps for applications in Hospitals etc.

GPD_S Inline

Mobile Fire fighting pump unit

The images below show a mobile fire fighting unit built to the clients  requirements. The trailer could be towed behind a vehicle with the pump located on the back of the vehicle

trailer pump suction line delivery line nozzle fire pump